How To Do Auto Repair Lead Generation (Works 100%)

How To Do Auto Repair Lead Generation

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I have a special place in my heart for auto repair businesses.

Sometimes cars just stop working for no reason and the mechanic saves the day.

As a car owner, if anything goes wrong I go to Google and search for “auto repair near me” or “auto mechanic near me”.

You notice what happened there?

I went to Google to find a mechanic, not Facebook.

If someone needs an auto repair mechanic they don’t go to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Tiktok. None of those marketing channels will be as effective for the auto repair business to generate leads.

My point is if you want to do auto repair lead generation you must focus on the Google search.

Why Google Search is The Best Source For Auto Repair Lead Generation

One word: intent.

When a car owner goes to find an auto repair shop, it’s an urgent problem that needs to be fixed urgently.

The car owner is aware that will have to spend money to get that car problem fixed. Therefore you won’t need much sales pitch to get that customer. 

They want the car fixed right now.

No one goes to Facebook to search for auto repair. It might happen but absolutely nowhere the volume of Google search.

Steps To Generate Auto Repair Leads From Google Search

1. Get Your Site Conversion-Ready

Your site should have some essentials like: 

  • Main home page
  • Contact us page
  • About us page
  • Blog

The man home page

This page should talk about the auto repair services you offer, testimonials from past clients, click-to-call buttons and a form for prospects to submit their contact information.

However, due to the urgency of the auto repair business most prospects are going to call as they need the problem to be fixed as soon as possible.

Contact us page

Pretty straightforward just add all contact information for the business here from phone, email, address and a contact form as well.

Lots of prospects visit the contact page on sites before making a call or submitting the form.

About us page

Here’s the thing, when people can see who you are it instinctively makes them trust you more, 

Now, they know your real person or team running the business. Not just yet another faceless business website.

You would be surprised of the amount of prospects that check out the about us page before making a decision to call.


One of the most annoying thing is visiting a website, seeing they have a blog, checking it out and realizing there’s nothing there.

The blog isn’t a prop, it’s a valuable assets that you should leverage. 4

If done right with proper SEO you can rank in your local area for auto repairs.  

Not sure what to write about? Make a list of all the most common problems customers might have with their vehicles.

Write some helpful guides and answer common questions and at the end of each post add a CTA (Call-to-action). This CTA could be a call button with phone number. Whenever click and it automatically launch the dialer on the prospects phone.

Or you can just have a simple contact form.

2. Use Google Ads (Paid)

What I love about paid ads is that you have more control over the traffic that goes to your site.

Let’s say I have an auto repair shop in Houston Texas, I can target people searching for “auto repair shops in Houston”. 

This one move will ensure my conversion rate is much higher as my auto repair shop can fulfilled the deman in that area.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when doing Google ads is targeting the entire US or in some cases the entire world.

If you’re not sure how to run paid Ads watch the tutorial from the official Google ads youtube channel

3. Before Running ads test your CTA’s

I have seen this cost businesses thousands of dollars and it can be avoided easily.

Testing your CTA’s (Call-to-actions) means making sure your form submission and call buttons actually work.

Whenever your website is set up and ready for some traffic, visit the site on your mobile device and click the call buttons to make sure they launch the dialer with the correct number.

Also, fill out the form yourself and see if the data was sent to your email or CRM.

If you’re getting the data sent to your CRM, go check and make sure the request you just sent successfully reached the CRM software.

If you’re getting data sent to your email always check if you got the email after submitting the data.

Never assume that it’s working, always check or you might end flushing your money down the drain.

4. Give the ads some time to work

Whenever you launch a google ads campaign you want to give it a few days to work. In the digital marketing world, this is called “Buying Data”.

You will never know which keywords will send the most conversions, so you want the campaign to run for 5-7 days. Then you can go back and see which keywords are the winners and which are the losers.

To know this you’ll have tracking in place. You need to track which keywords generated the calls or form submissions.

This way you can narrow down your efforts to what’s working.

One important thing as well is that you should never start off with a big budget especially if you’re new paid ads.

Start small, for example $10-$30 per day so you can get data on what works and what doesn’t.

What to do if you don’t have time to this yourself

Not everyone has the time to do all of this, I get it.

In that case, if you have the budget, you can hire an agency. Most agencies help you get up and running in no time. 

But you want to thread the road carefully, not all marketing agencies are made equal. You need a team that knows what they’re doing. 

What I would do is go to google and search for a “google ads agency” or “google ads agency in [your city]“.

This way you’re getting a team that specializes in google ads. 

Use This Auto Repair Lead Generation Plan To Grow Your Business

In digital marketing focus is everything. You don’t want to spread yourself thin trying to google ads, facebook or whichever ad network all the same time. 

That’s a recipe for failure. In case, Google search is the perfect channel for auto repair businesses to generate leads, not social ads.

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