How Do You Increase Click-Through Rate in Email Marketing (7 Tips That Works)

How Do You Increase Click-Through Rate in Email Marketing (7 Tips That Works)

Last Updated on April 30, 2022 by MarketerSprout

Is your email marketing campaign not going as planned?

Email marketing is a tried and true method of marketing that can be very successful for both new and established businesses.

If you are seeing low click-through rates, then you may be feeling stressed for good reason. If email subscribers don’t click on links, it can lead to fewer leads and sales, which can have a negative effect on your income.

It can be difficult for marketers to keep their clients engaged, as they may run out of ideas.

The pressure to stay ahead of the competition can damage the campaign. In this post, we explain what is considered to be a good email click-through rate and how to improve this indicator in your campaigns if it is not good enough.

Here how you can calculate your email click-through rate (CTR)

You need to make sure your emails are opened before considering other metrics.

A catchy subject line will make about 35 percent of email recipients open your email. Your email must stand out to gain the subscribers’ attention. You can find useful tips for increasing your email open rate here.

After you have a good email open rate, set a goal for your average email click-through rate. This will give you a much better understanding of the CTR metric.

To calculate email click-through rate, add up the total number of clicks on all the links in your email divided by the total number of emails sent. Then multiply that by 100, this will give you your click-through rate.

So what is a good CTR?

Different industries and companies will have different standards for what is considered a “reasonable” click-through rate for email marketing.

For example, SmartInsights study shows that click-through rate across all industries is 1.27%. So any over that os considered above average. However, it’s recommended to optimized for a CTR of 10% of more.

When determining your email marketing campaign’s metrics, be sure to keep your industry’s benchmarks in mind.

Here are some tips to help increase your click-through rate:

1. Brand consistency

One of the most important things for a successful email marketing campaign is maintaining brand consistency.

This can be achieved by using the same tone, keywords and target audience in all of your communications.

By doing this, you will see an increase in your click-through rate.

It’s essential to keep your brand’s personality as relatable to your audience as possible.

Make sure your blog posts, social media posts, newsletters, and emails look consistent with your brand and website. This way, you’ll ensure your clients always easily recognize you.

2. Make use of power words

Most of us like to think that we’re in control of our decisions by thinking logically with arguments and facts.

However, in reality, we’re not as in control as we think we are. This is also true for customers, which marketers can use to their advantage.

If you want to come across as credible and creative to your audience, you can use power words. But what exactly are power words?

They are words that elicit an emotional response from the reader. By stirring up emotions and engaging the reader’s imagination, power words can also increase the click-through rate.

Here are some examples of power words:


Urge your readers to click the link by asking unusual yet interesting questions that pique their curiosity.

You can also be informative and promising in tone to motivate the recipient to open your email.

3. Don’t have everybody in one bucket

If you’re sending the same email to everyone on your list, it’s time to make a change.

As a marketer, you need to understand that not every customer will be interested in every message.

Categorize emails based on their relevance to the audience to make segmentation one of the essential elements that help increase the email click-through rate.

In order to increase the likelihood of recipients clicking on links in your email, you should personalize the email as much as possible.

This can be done by including a pop-up form on your website that requires clients to fill out their information.

This way, you can learn about what interests them and what offers are most relevant to them. The more personalized the email is, the better response you will likely receive.

In addition to using the recipient’s name in the subject line and body of the email, you should also use any other information you have about them to customize their email marketing experience.

This data could include their age, demographic, location, etc.

4. Spend some time and format the emails

An essential factor in boosting your click-through rate is choosing the right email format. If your format is not appealing to the eye, your emails will often go unread.

Email design is important to consider if you want your messages to be read.

More people than ever are reading emails on their mobile devices, so a mobile-friendly format is essential. 

The width of your email is also important, too wide or too narrow can create a bad impression and cause recipients to stop reading.

Additionally, avoid hiding key details in images, as they may be blocked by default and prevent your prospect from seeing important information or clicking your link.

5. Work with a proper time and frequency

One of the most important factors in getting your emails clicked frequently is timing. If your email reaches people when they’re not expecting it, they may never get to see it.

You might be surprised to learn that the audience is more likely to open and click links in your emails between 6 pm and midnight, no matter the location.

Frequency is another important factor for email click-through rate. If you send too few emails, people may forget who you are.

On the other hand, if you send too many emails, your messages may end up in the Spam folder.

6. Add your brand’s social links

If you’re looking to increase your click-through rate, social sharing is a feature you shouldn’t forget to use.

A recent study showed that including one social sharing option can increase your CTR by 30%, and including three or more social sharing options can result in a 55% higher CTR.

7. Get your email list cleaned regularly

One rule that many marketers overlook is that email lists have a natural churn rate of 25-30% each year.

Make sure to read this guide about how to keep your email lists clean.

This is due to people who get annoyed with your emails and unsubscribe, who send your emails to their spam folder, or who don’t check the email account they subscribed with.

Utilizing segmentation, personalization, or sending re-engagement emails, as well as giving your audience the option to receive fewer emails, can benefit you in the long run.

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