16 Ecommerce Email Marketing Tips To Explode Sales

16 Ecommerce Email Marketing Tips To Explode Sales

Last Updated on October 16, 2021 by MarketerSprout

Ecommerce email marketing is a great way for businesses of all sizes to boost sales and increase revenue.

In fact, recent research shows that ecommerce email marketing generates an astounding 7 times the response of direct mail campaigns.

Email marketing has changed a lot over the years, from being seen as ‘spammy’ to one of the best ways to market your business today.

It’s easy to see why so many marketers have switched their attention away from other forms of digital advertising towards this medium as it outperforms them all by a long shot.

Here are 17 tips on how you can use email marketing to grow your ecommerce store:

1) Track everything

All activity in one place allows you still retain control even if you’re working with multiple email service providers.

It also allows you to understand which are your most profitable customers or segments, and makes it easy to reach out to them with offers at the right time.

2) Focus on open rates

As mentioned above, ecommerce email marketing outperforms traditional forms of advertising by 7 time.

This is because it’s much more targeted than other forms of advertising, meaning customers are more likely to take notice.

Make sure you’re consistently adding quality content that your subscribers want to read so they will be more inclined to open up your emails in the future.

3) Personalize subject lines

Personalizing your subject lines can increase your open rate tenfold.

The thought behind this is that if something is addressed directly towards you, you’re likely to be more interested in it.

Personalization can also help you stand out from the crowd, making your emails more memorable for your consumers which is beneficial to both parties.

4) Make sure images are optimized

Remarkably, emails with at least one image see up to 50% higher open rates than those without any images.

If you don’t have an eye catching image that will entice readers to click then you need to consider investing in a professional designer.

Not only will this increase conversions, but it will give your email marketing campaign a huge boost in visual appeal allowing you to target new audiences and markets.

5) Ask subscribers to share if they like what they read

You might not think so, but your customers want to be more involved.

If you give them the option, there’s a good chance they will take it!

Make use of this and ask for their help in sharing your email on their social media profiles or with friends and family.

6) Use testimonials

Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews of your products which you can then feature within your emails.

These can impact conversions as 10% of people say that they’re influenced by online reviews when making a purchase decision.

7) Offer discounts

Running flash sales or offering special offers such as free shipping is a great way to increase both revenue and profit margins – hit two birds with one stone.

Be sure not to offer too many Voucher Codes though, as this can have a negative impact on conversions.

8) Use A/B testing

It’s worth noting that you should always be running tests to find out what works best when it comes to your subscribers.

What might work for one brand might not necessarily work for another, so keep experimenting until you find the right formula that delivers results!

9) Always be on the look out for new subscribers

Not only should you make sure your existing subscribers are happy, but it is also important that you’re continually searching for new potential customers to add to your list.

Make sure you use all of the tactics available to grow your email marketing efforts, such as lead magnets or promotional content within social media posts which can help boost numbers.

10) Be clear on what happens next

Mapping out a customer journey will ensure they know exactly what’s expected of them at each stage of their experience with you.

Each touch point between yourself and your consumers needs to convey the same message so they never feel confused or misinformed.

This also gives them more reason to trust you and your business, making them much more likely to convert!

11) Trial welcome emails

New subscribers might need a little bit of help transitioning from prospective customer to someone who is familiar with all that you have to offer.

Personalized welcome emails can be extremely effective in this regard and give new clients an insight into the type of content they should expect in the future.

The welcome email is also a great way to provide compelling content which can increase engagement rates, resulting in higher deliverability and ROI.

12) Increase your frequency when needed

The number of emails sent out each month will vary depending on your industry, but it’s important that you’re not too pushy when trying to convince potential customers that they should sign up.

You should also consider how often you email your existing subscribers after they have made their first purchase.

If it’s not something that is likely to come up in conversation, then sending out a monthly newsletter can be extremely effective.

13) Let subscriber feel like you’re talking to them one-to-one

Personalization is one of the biggest trends when it comes to ecommerce and email marketing, so you should do everything you can to make use of this feature.

Whether it be personalizing subject lines or individual emails within a series, ensuring your content is specific to each subscriber will help improve open rates significantly!

14) Don’t send unnecessary emails

There are some occasions when you might think it would be appropriate to send out a notification, but all that will happen is that users will mark your email as spam.

If there isn’t anything particularly pressing or urgent, then it’s best not to bother sending one.

15) Don’t go overboard on emotive language

It might seem like the most logical thing to do in order to get your readers engaged and excited about the content is through the use of emotive language, but don’t let this become an issue of quantity over quality.

It can be easy for things to come across as insincere if it’s just written in an off-the-cuff manner. Be sure that your copy is always well-written and professional, regardless of whether you are trying to be more light-hearted.

16) Offer exclusive deals

If there is some content that your subscribers are desperate to get their hands on, then offering them an exclusive deal can be a great way to motivate them into opening your emails.

Asking them to forward the email on to friends or family members might also help spread awareness around your brand, resulting in more new leads!

Making the most of ecommerce email marketing requires time and effort but if done correctly it can lead to long term success for both you and your business.

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