Email Marketing For Etsy Shop: 13 Tips To Grow Sales

Email Marketing For Etsy Shop: 13 Tips To Grow Sales

Last Updated on October 13, 2021 by MarketerSprout

Ecommerce email marketing for Etsy sellers is a powerful tool to increase your revenue.

If you want to keep your email subscribers happy and engaged with your etsy shop, follow these email marketing best practices. It will help you increase email open rates and email deliverability, which means more sales from email campaigns.

Here are 13 email marketing tips for etsy shop to grow sales.

1) Use the power of social proof in email subject lines

People tend to know how much is too much when it’s about themselves but they have no clue how much is enough when they’re reading about someone else.

Use this knowledge in your email subject line. You don’t need to explain all the benefits of your product, just tell them how many other customers have already bought it.

2) Make email content personalized and scannable

When email marketers talk about email personalization, they usually mean inserting a customer’s name into the email message – which is nice, but not that effective.

In order to stand out from your email inbox crowd, you need to create email messages that people can quickly read and understand.

Talk about how to do this in your subject lines and email body: like “7 tips to spruce up your living room design” or “8 ways to make your home art more appealing”.

Such titles will spark curiosity and make recipients open your emails even if their mouse pointer accidentally hovers over the email message.

3) Use social media as inspiration for email campaigns

People who follow your social media profiles are usually the ones who want to buy from you.

If you plan to use email marketing for your etsy shop, then use inspiration from Instagram and Twitter in email campaign.

4) Use email drip campaigns to educate customers

No matter how big or small your email list is, email drip campaigns can work wonders for your business. ‘

If you plan on using email marketing for etsy shop and don’t use email drip campaigns yet, now’s a good time to started.

Educate people about your product with helpful content that they’re expecting (and look forward to receiving).

5) Ask permission before emailing your customers

Email marketing for etsy shop is like email dating: you need to make sure that people want to hear from you before emailing them.

Ask your email subscribers if it’s okay with them if you email them about new products, exclusive coupons and sale events.

They’ll love the added value and won’t feel deceived by spammy email content.

6) Don’t send emails that don’t provide any value

You know what’s better than email marketing for etsy shop? Email marketing without selling all the time.  

It might sound counterintuitive at first, but it works.

Send helpful tips and resources to build trust and show how much do you care about the success of your email.

7) Use email automation to email new customers

When email marketers talk about email automation, they usually think of email drip campaigns.

But email automation doesn’t have to be limited to email drip campaign.

You can use it for your brand new customers and help them get familiar with your products and services.

Use email automation to:

  • Send a welcome email automatically after signup
  • Send an email right before the product ships
  • Send an email when someone places an order

One more tip is that make sure that all follow up emails are relevant to the last one. For example, if someone receives “Welcome” email, don’t follow up by complaining about something they did wrong in their purchase process later on.

The person who signed up has likely changed email address by then.

8) Match email content with customer behavior

Customer behavior is the biggest contributor to email marketing results, so you need to analyze email performance through your customer’s eyes.  

Doing it will help you understand what email content they appreciate and which segments of your email list require more attention.

9) Integrate email marketing with other channels

Email marketers often get stuck in the email loop.

This means that they keep doing what they’ve always done without thinking about where their emails stand in terms of those other channels like social media and direct selling.

If email marketers manage to break free from their email loop, they’ll notice better conversion rates as a result.

10) Offer email exclusive discounts

Email marketing for etsy shop is the best way to offer email exclusive discounts. If you are already emailing your email list, why not include email only coupons in email messages?

11) Use email thank you page to collect emails

Any email list growth should start with a deliberate strategy, so if you don’t have one yet, now is a good time to define one.

The first step of the strategy should involve using website popups/pop-unders or leads generation forms on an email provider’s domain (like Mailchimp).

The next step should be sending people to your email thank you page where they can subscribe to email list.

12) Don’t email more than three times per day

You can email whoever you like whenever you like.

Don’t let your email subscribers think you’re trying to extract as much money from them, no likes to feel that way.

If email overload starts to act up (in other words, people start to unsubscribe), reduce email frequency to once or twice a day until your email list stabilizes again.  

13) Avoid sending emails on weekends and holidays

If email marketers want their email messages to be read, they need to send emails at the time when their subscribers are most likely to check their inboxes.

This means not sending emails in late evening hours since recipients are less likely to read email messages after a hard day at work.

Not sending emails on weekends and public holidays is a must since most email marketers’ users will be away from email inboxes, or simply just won’t check them up.

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