How To Do Email Marketing For Restaurants (Grow Profits)

How To Do Email Marketing For Restaurants (Grow Profits)

Last Updated on November 17, 2021 by MarketerSprout

With the existence of Chilli’s to Pizza Hut and tens of other global restaurant brands, it is becoming more difficult for a small business to compete and gain loyal customers.

While media and street advertising are still expensive, email marketing is still a small-businesses best friend.

As a restaurant owner or manager, your ultimate goal is to stand-out in a competing environment of small and global brands.

Here are some tips email marketing strategies to grow your restaurant sales.

1. Create content around your food

Unique food content should be the core of your email marketing campaign.

With so many emails being sent now daily, it is important to place yourself above competitors. As a restaurant owner, you are in front of customers on most days of the week which gives you an advantage if utilized correctly.

Your customers visit your cafe or dine-in with specific expectations and wants. These could range from comfort, service, food taste and etcetera therefore create unique content that caters to these needs at all times.

2. Personalize Emails For Each Visitor

Personalizing emails for each individual visitor shows that you value their time and money spent at your business establishment.

Customizing offers also allows you tailor ads for access on mobile devices to increase visibility for your restaurant.

3. Use A/B Split To Determine The Best Timing For Your Emails

Most restaurants are well aware of the importance in continuously promoting their products and services via email marketing.

But few actually realize that timing is critical when it comes to achieving effective results that can truly generate tangible ROIs.

A/B split testing, which involves dividing traffic in two equal parts in order to send them different types of emails at differing times in order to determine which one is more successful, provides a cost-effective way of getting this done without having to carry out any major experiments or incurring huge expenses.

As such, anyone who wants to improve open rates while also increasing conversions should consider using this simple but effective technique.

4. Track And Calculate Open Rates

All emails sent out should be tracked and monitored to ensure that optimal results are achieved for each campaign.

This can be done by monitoring click-through rates, bounce rates, conversions and also open rates which give you a general overview of how your marketing message is being perceived by audiences so as to determine what works best at the end of it all.

5. Keep Customers Updated

Offering customers updates on new food menu items via email not only shows additional ways in which you’re trying to improve their customer experience, but also establishes the idea that you’re working hard towards establishing a long-lasting relationship with them instead of simply updating them about these things when it is convenient for you.

6. Drive More Traffic To Your Site Via Email Opt-ins

Creating more traffic on your site via email opt ins allows customers to sign up for emails that are directly related to their needs and interests.

Thus allowing you to keep them interested in what your restaurant offerings while also giving them opportunities to make orders off your menu.

This is why it’s important not to think of this as simply another means of promoting but as an effective way of creating lasting relationships with target audiences.

7. Use Personalized URLs For Emails And Landing Pages

You can begin by using personalised URLs for emails and landing pages.

These are links that contain a unique identifier, which allows you the chance to track where each of your campaigns is actually coming from.

The main benefit here is that it doesn’t matter how many people open and read your emails or click on the URL itself.

All that matters is that they land on a page that has been customized for them and which specifically relates to their own needs and interests, thus allowing you to achieve much more than if you didn’t utilize such identifiers in the first place.

8. Ask For Feedback From Customers

Restaurant owners often forget just how important it is to ask for feedback about services, especially when it comes to email marketing since there are so many different companies operating in this field these days.

Asking for their opinions allows you to increase your chances of improving the service you provide, as well as understanding why they may have opted to unsubscribe from your newsletter or choose not to purchase a certain item.

9. Work On Your Loyalty Program

If you want a customer become a regular at your restaurant, you need some form loyalty program.

By working on a loyalty program that includes vouchers and bonus offers via email, along with special access offers only offered to those who are registered members of such programs, you can begin increasing repeat business even if it may be difficult to get the ball rolling at first.

10. Keep Customers Updated On Promotions And New Items

Restaurants are one of the only places where promotions and new items are celebrated, noticed and appreciated by customers.

Which is why it’s important to keep them updated on these things via email.

This way they know that your business is always looking out for its patrons, yet also putting in place measures that will allow them to save money while making purchases at any given time.

Final Thoughts

To all restaurant owners who want to increase click-through rates while still increasing conversions, these 10 tips should help you achieve exactly what you set out to do in the beginning, growing a profitable restaurant business.

Communicating with potential clients allows you to target specific audiences while also monitoring results so as to improve sales in the process.

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