How To Succeed In Email Marketing (4 Step Framework For Beginners)

How To Succeed In Email Marketing (4 Step Framework For Beginners)

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The goal of this guide is to get beginners up to speed with email marketing, the right way.

Without a proper email marketing framework your efforts will fall flat. You must have the foundations set to get results.

A lot of marketers jump right into it without trying to understand the right strategy. Which is one of the reasons why every year you keep hearing “email marketing is dead”. 

When in fact, it’s getting stronger every year as it’s getting very important for businesses to have a closer connection to the audience.

The companies using it are making millions and growing. You can use this framework to propel your users down your marketing funnel for better conversions.

Now for you to learn this framework, let’s use an example of a company that sells workout fitness gear for women.

This will make it super easy to understand how this 6 step framework works.

Step 1: You need a customer avatar or Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

This is where a lot of marketers mess things up. You need to know the customer’s persona you’re targeting.

Without that you’re shooting in the dark, because you won’t have an aim.

Sit down an ask yourself:

  • Who is my customer?
  • Where are they located?
  • What kind of content do they consume?
  • What kind of topics are they interested in?
  • What stage of the funnel my target customer is at?

So remember for this example, we’re a fitness apparel company that sells to women. So we know our target customer is interested in health and fitness. But let’s go ahead and dive a little deeper.

Let’s call our customer persona Jane Doe, here’s what her persona looks like.

Jane Doe’s persona

  • Age range: at least 30 years old
  • She has 1-2 kids
  • Lives in the USA
  • A big fan of Dr. Oz and The Doctor’s TV show
  • Reads PopSugar, Cosmopolitan and Women’s health blog daily
  • Follows fitness apparel brands on Instagram like Lululemon and Nike
  • Loves outdoor activities such as hiking

So we can now assume that she’s at the middle of the funnel becauses she’s generally interested in her health and fitness.

Step 2: Get your digital content ready 

Now you have to think about what kind of content you will offer. This could anything from:

  • Videos
  • Blog posts
  • PDF guides
  • Podcasts
  • Social media posts
  • Product testimonials

Now this doesn’t mean you should go create all these types of content listed above. You first have to figure out what type of content your brand will shine at.

If you’re good at producing videos, do that. If you’re a good writer then focus on producing amazing blog posts that your target customer would read.

Pick 1-2 content mediums and do it well, don’t spread yourself too thin.

One more important thing, don’t confuse the reader. Learn how to communication your ideas in the simplest way possible.

Avoid big words and complex metaphors. 

To ensure successful communication, it is important to have a clear understanding from the beginning. 

If your initial thoughts are unclear, it is unlikely that the reader will understand what you’re trying to get at. 

For this reason, it is essential to be clear about the purpose of your email before you begin writing it.

  • Is it to educate them about a specific topic?
  • Is it to convince them to take some form of action?
  • Is it to get them fired up for a new product about to be launched?

Step 3: The distribution medium for your content

You went and created some great content, awesome. Now it’s time to it in front of your target persona.

Being that this guide is about email marketing, that’s how your content gets distributed. 

Now let’s go back to our fitness apparel company example. Let’s say you created a video about “5 Things Every Female Must Consider Before Buying Running Shoes”. 

The video breaks down the pros and cons of buying certain types of running shoes and how it can affect foot health.

Our Jana Doe persona would definitely consume that piece of content as she fits our target demographic.

Our email subject line could be some like:

  • “Do this before buying another running shoes”
  • “5 running shoes buying tips for women”’
  • “How your running shoes affects your feet health”

You can split test the email subject headlines to see which have the highest open rates.  That’s said, keep simple but make sure the subject line generates some curiosity.

Which leads to step 4 in this email marketing framework.

Step 4: Optimize for results

This involves many things but we’ll just focus on the main ones.

The email subject line: Here’s the thing with subject lines you cannot sound too hyperbolic as it will trigger the spam filter.

But at the same time you cannot be boring. It’s tough for email marketers but it gets better with practice.

Make sure your subject line is congruent with the content of the email. If you promise to talk about 5 tips in the piece of content, do it. Doing the opposite of that is the quickest way to lose your subscriber’s trust.

Pre-header text optimization: This should work hand in hand with email subject line. Think of it as an extension of the subject line. 

The call-to-action: What should subscribers do after consuming your content. 

  • Should they click the to product store to buy? 
  • Should they share the piece of content with their friends?
  • Should they reply back to your email to ask questions?

Be absolutely clear about what they should do. 

For our example fitness apparel company, you might want them to use a coupon to get 7% off their purchase.

Or, you want them to follow your brand on social media. Be specific on what action you want then take.

Mobile-friendly email design: You would be surprised many brands leave the part out there email marketing strategy. Mobile traffic is growing every year and isn’t slowing down.

According to StatCounter, as of the year 2022 52.21% of the internet’s traffic is mobile.

Your content must be easily readable on any mobile device. The font size of the email content should be no smaller than 16px. 

There’s no point in putting in all that work to create content and then your email subscribers can’t read anything.

Closing notes

I know I’ve mentioned before but I have to do so again, because this is where a lot of digital marketers fail.

Spend some more time on coming with interesting, curiosity-driven email subject headlines.

Email subject lines are important because people are quickly scanning and deciding whether or not to open an email. 

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with choices and information, our brains have adapted to make split second decisions. 

Just like you would judge whether or not to open the door to meet a blind date, you are quickly scanning and deciding if an email is worth your time.

It’s easy for people to unsubscribe or mark emails as spam, even if they signed up for them in the first place. 

This may seem like bad news, but there’s an upside: once you understand the landscape, you can navigate it successfully. 

Using email marketing framework is a great way to get ahead of the competition and grow your revenue.

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