22 Email Marketing Tips For Wedding Photographers (Sales Boosting)

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Email marketing for wedding photographers is a great way to nurture new leads and stay in touch with current clients.

You will be able to send them some exclusive content they can’t get anywhere else, put your work on display, and increase the value of future photo sessions.

Here are 22 email marketing tips for wedding photographers:

1. Write good subject lines

Good subject lines help your recipients decide whether or not want to open your emails.

Make it as personal as possible and use action words that suggest there’s something juicy inside.

“Wedding photos just released” or “Save 20% on first anniversary session” would grab more attention than a simple “Newsletter #6”.

If you’re sending out an announcement about a promotion, make it more enticing by attaching a coupon code.

2. Personalize each email

Give your recipients the feeling that they are getting something special, not just some spammy newsletter.

Even if you are sending out an announcement about an upcoming promotion, make it sound like you’re talking to them personally.

Consider adding their name into the text of the newsletter, or saying “we” instead of “I”. You can also create different templates for different types of clients and send out personalized emails based on their buying history.

3. Employ images wherever possible

Today, most people scan through their emails quickly before taking action or deleting future emails altogether.

Images will help break up sections in your newsletter so readers don’t get bored with walls of text after seeing three paragraphs.

4. Include your logo in the email signature

Doing this will give your recipients an opportunity to see who you are, even if they have missed out on previous emails.

At the same time, it’s also a good idea to create graphics that allow them to recognize your brand at first glance.

For example, include tiny symbols of wedding rings or dresses next to your name when promoting future sessions.

5. Follow up with activity reports

Letting customers know what they can expect is always helpful and sometimes necessary.

For instance, after one year of wedding planning people might forget about their upcoming anniversaries. Send them detailed reports detailing all activities related to their big day (i.e., appointments made with other vendors).

Even better, send scores based on an A-F scale.

6. Offer exclusive deals to loyal customers

Loyal customers are the best type of people you can have, so it’s only fair that you reward them.

If they’re buying prints, consider giving back 10% of their purchase price. Offering free sessions is also a nice way to say thank you for being your number one fans.

You can even go further and offer discounts on future photo shoots if they refer new clients to you.

7. Don’t set an overwhelming amount of goals

Asking people to share your emails or take action every other day might come across as spammy or desperate.

You don’t want them deleting your emails without looking at them first, so stick with one goal per email and ask them to take action only on the days you mention.

8. Add a newsletter schedule on your website

Let people know when they can expect new emails by placing a “Newsletter Archive” on your homepage.

There, they will be able to see all previous newsletters as well as read some older posts that might interest them such as “5 tips for better wedding photography”.

9. Offer detailed information about upcoming sessions

This is helpful for those who are just beginning their search and want to find out more about you before scheduling an appointment.

They would also appreciate having a list of FAQ’s related to future shoots, so consider creating a special page with all the details.

If someone has already scheduled a session, it’s best not to send too much information beforehand, but you can inspire them by releasing some images on your website.

10. Create different email formats for different occasions

This means sending out more than one announcement at a time (i.e., Baby Shower and Wedding).

People will appreciate having something to look forward to, while the ones who are getting married will enjoy not receiving invitations or baby shower announcements in their email inbox every day.

If they have shared an event with you, they won’t mind another invitation being sent later down the road.

11. Repackage old content into new newsletters

You don’t need to create all-new materials just because you’re sending out a newsletter.

Turn older posts into short articles that people might find interesting or helpful in some way.

If you’re stuck on ideas, you could write about the “Top 5 Tips to Take Better Wedding Photos” or whatever is relevant at the time of your next newsletter release.

12. Partner with other local wedding professionals

Finding vendors who compliment your services (or whose clients might benefit from yours) can increase email sign-ups dramatically if done right.

For instance, you might offer a small discount for future sessions to anyone who signs up another vendor’s list or shares one of their emails with friends.

Both parties will be able to generate more business this way and keep everyone happy in the long run.

13. Offer free images

Everyone loves free stuff, so it only makes sense that they would appreciate getting some extra high quality images for their wedding.

The best way to do this is through your website where images are more accessible, but you can send out CDs for those who might prefer physical copies instead.

You can also consider giving back prints or photo albums if they refer clients to you (or vice versa).

14. Keep track of past emails

It’s easy for people to forget about old posts in their inbox, so make sure it’s organized in some way so you don’t miss the opportunity to advertise again.

If someone hasn’t opened any of your emails, chances are they won’t be interested in what you have to say next either, so take them off the list and move on with other prospects.

15. Make sure there is consistency between all email formats

People will know they are receiving emails from you if the looks and feel of your messages match.

Try to keep formatting consistent across all types of media so recipients aren’t confused on where they received what message.

For example, an email sent via AOL should be the same as one that was sent through Gmail or Yahoo! Mail.

16. Know when to update your list

If someone hasn’t opened up an email in over six months, chances are they won’t open it next time either (or at least not right away).

People need time to clear out their inboxes before getting caught up on new posts, so make sure everyone’s email is fresh by removing inactive subscribers.

You can also remove people who didn’t open recent emails after reaching out to them via a follow-up post.

17. Personalize subject headers

This can be a tricky task if you’re sending out a lot of emails, but it’s still worth the effort because it triggers curiosity and makes people more likely to read what you have to say.

For example, if they visited your site recently from an online search engine, try writing “Hey [First Name], You Might Like This New Video” or something along those lines.

Avoid using names when randomizing through guest lists though (i.e., “Hello Bridesmaid #3”).

18. Make special offers exclusive

If you’re going to offer up some kind of deal for future sessions, don’t just include that information in your newsletter—let everyone know.

People are more likely to open your email if they know about something that’s exclusive, especially if it’s bundled with other freebies.

The best way to do this is by using the subject line “Save Now on Your Photo Session!”

19. Invite people who haven’t visited in a while

If someone hasn’t yet taken advantage of what you have to offer, don’t give up on them just yet.

Send out an invite every once in awhile to let them know how much you want them to sign up so they don’t miss out on any great deals.

Include flattery like “I’ve been looking forward to sending you some wedding updates” or other things that will entice them to confirm their interest even though they didn’t sign up recently.

20. Offer monthly deals

Monthly offers are always better than weekly ones because it’s more likely they will remember to take advantage of them, so try giving away something for free or at a discount once per month.

Every time you send out your newsletter is another chance someone might sign up, so choose different products and/or services depending on the occasion (i.e., anniversary session, save the date magnets and so on).

21. Include links in email content

Make sure your emails contain links that people can click on to find out more about the products or services you offer.

This way you won’t lose anyone by sending out informative messages without anything to back it up with.

Don’t afraid of clicking on some yourself because you might just see something that could help you grow your business.

22. Test different subject lines

Just like making personalized headers, this is another strategy to try so the emails people receive stand out from everyone else’s.

Every time you send out a newsletter, try using a different subject line so no two messages are the same. For example, one could say “What Should We Name Your Baby?” while another states “It’s A Boy!” or something along those lines.

Do some research on what phrases generate more opens and clicks before choosing your next winner!

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