How To Build Email List Without Lead Magnet (New Tactic)

How To Build Email List Without Lead Magnet (New Tactic)

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If you’re not building an email list, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

One of the best things you can do is to use it to capture emails of your future customers. You know, those people who aren’t ready yet, but who will be ready soon. 

So seriously, building your email list is no joke. We all need to be doing it for the future of our businesses now more than ever.

And traditionally, you would use a lead magnet to offer in exchange for the email address.

Something like written guides, video series, cheat sheets, resource files. The list goes on and on. 

But what if your customers don’t necessarily want more information about your industry, at least not badly enough to pop up their personal information for it?

Well, I’ve got a brand new idea for you that doesn’t rely on the traditional lead magnet and can get you all those valuable emails with a new tactic.

So your potential customers will have no choice but to take it for a spin. 

So what is this new way of getting email opt in? 

How To Build Email List Without Lead Magnet Using The Spinning Wheel Tactic

EMAIL spin to win example

It doesn’t rely on writing PDFs or making complicated video training. 

It’s actually a new spin on one of the oldest inventions in the world, the wheel.

Specifically a spin to win wheel, which lets you put in several different offers and give your customers a chance to spin the wheel and try their luck, which is a very powerful trigger for gamified people. 

Optins have been shown to improve two to 2% conversion rates up to 25% or more. 

So the way it works is you decide on a few special offers you can put on the wheel, along with some non winning spaces as well if you want to. 

And the good news is, with most of the software programs that let you do this easily.

You get to decide on the probability of winning any given prize, so you can add one or two really high value prizes to really entice opt in, and then just set them for a lower probability of winning. 

Those people, of course, need to enter their email address to take a spin. 

So when would it be a good idea to use a spin to win a wheel in place of a more traditional lead magnet? 

There are a few scenarios I can think of. 

First, if you just can’t think of a topic for a lead magnet that your customers would really want to download. 

And this can happen if you’re in an industry that people aren’t really interested in learning more about. 

While I do believe that if you dig deep enough, there’s almost always a piece of info that people would want, no matter how boring you think your niche is. 

But it’s true that some niches are just sexier than others. 

If you’re an interior designer, homeowners are always after information and resources and sources of inspiration. But this isn’t always for everyone and every kind of business.

For example, if you run an entertainment blog like Hollwood Reporter that mostly talks about celebrity gossip, coming up with a lead magnet will be harder. 

So if you can’t think of anything else, using the spinning wheel email capture might be a good tactic. 

But What If I offer Coupons Instead?

Just offering a coupon for an email address has its problems, too. 

Most people still aren’t ready to buy, so they assume when they are ready, they’ll just come back and they can get your coupon then. 

But the problem is they’re not likely to come back, and that’s where the wheel helps. 

It combines the actual offer with something even more primal. 

That part of our lizard brains that just lights up when there are games and prizes on the line. 

When we as human beings see that there’s a chance to win something that’s a pretty powerful motivator, and it’s one that we don’t necessarily want to hold out for. 

Using The Spin-to-win Email Optin Tactic To Increase Conversion For Current Offer

You can use it to increase your opt in rates from what you’re getting with your current lead magnet. 

And in fact, this can actually work hand in hand with what you’ve already got. You can absolutely offer that lead magnet as one of the spaces on the wheel. 

So that brings us to our next point, which is what can you put on the wheel as your different offers? 

First of all, I like to come up with 3 or 4 things that will share the wheel space with a few dead spaces that aren’t winners just to keep things interesting. 

So you could consider adding a few different discounts, such as:

  • 10% off a certain service or a specific dollar amount off a different service
  • A free strategy session or consultation
  • A free introductory service
  • Product training materials, aka a more traditional lead magnet guide
  • A video series. 

And this is optional, but I want you to consider a higher ticket item that you could put on there and set for only a 1% probability of winning it, because adding that bigger prize will get more people interested in opting in. 

But you do have to be willing to deliver on it every now and then. 

Of course, if you’re a retailer or an e-commerce website, you can add in things like free shipping or a free product. 

And I’ve even seen people offer something like an iPad or an Amazon gift card as a prize. 

Just be careful here that you’re not getting people opting in who aren’t really interested in what you do and are only opting in to win a gift card. 

That’s why I prefer to offer only the things that you can personally provide them with. 

Getting The Maximum Options With The Spin-to-win Email Opt-in Strategy

Okay, so let’s talk about a few best practices that will help you get as many opt ins as possible. 

1. Put in a dedicated spot

you want to feature it in a dedicated place in your landing pages, usually toward the bottom of the page, as well as putting it in a pop up that’s either set to appear after a time delay.

Or better yet, when someone mouse is back up toward the back button. 

2. Make sure that you make the wheel your own

Don’t just go with whatever software you’re using default colors, put in a little time to reinforce your own branding and make it feel like it belongs on your site rather than it’s just there as an afterthought.

Because if it feels spammy or thrown together, people are going to be a lot less trustful and you’re not going to get as many optins. 

3. Watch out for cheaters

There are ways people can clear out their cookies, and they can play the game over and over again until they win your big prize. 

So you want to make sure you choose a provider that has some kind of protection against that. 

And you might want to be crystal clear in your rules that people can play only once, and they’ll be disqualified if they play more than once. 

So when you link it up with your email provider, you want to have it tag people with what they want in your email list. 

So when someone wins, you can go in and see if they’re tagged with more than one prize tag.

In which case you wouldn’t have to offer them the big prize because they’re disqualified. 

So how do you actually get one of these spindle and wheels on your site? 

How To Setup Spin Wheel Email Popups

There are many options, basically falling into two main categories, the first being WordPress plugins that you can just buy outright, or even some for free. 

Or the second category are third party software companies that you generally pay a monthly fee in order to use it on your website. 

And for those, you pretty much just add a simple line of code to your WordPress site, which is much easier than it sounds. 

They’ll provide you with that quick step by step tutorial, but you want to look out for one that’s going to integrate really seamlessly with your email service provider, like MailChimp or ActiveCampaign or Drip.

This so that when someone opts in, they automatically get put onto your email list. 

I think the one from OptinMonster is really good. 

But if you Google “Spin to Win plugin”, you’ll find many options. But getting the email address is really just the beginning. 

So what happens after you’ve got a future customer’s email address? 

Write an email sequence tailored to convert them into a customer. You read more about email sequences here.

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