How To Improve Bad Email Open Rates (Works in 2023)

How To Improve Bad Email Open Rates

Last Updated on January 1, 2023 by MarketerSprout

If your open rates are consistently low, your have a big problem.

The longer you take to fix it bad email open rates, the harder it will be to to recover.

If people aren’t opening your emails, there’s no way for you to make sales. Lets look at some key things that causes this.

What causes poor email open rates?

1. No list segmentation

If you don’t segment your list, your open rate can be affected. Segmenting your list separates those who usually open from those who rarely open, resulting in a higher open rate.

2. Your email content isn’t sticky

You also want to make sure that the content of your email is relevant to your target audience.

The email content should have them reading from start to end.

If the content is something that they would be interested in, they are more likely to open the email. Therefore, increasing your open rate.

3. Your niche is too broad

Regardless of which industry you’re in, you should targeting a specific niche.

You cannot be everything to everybody.

For example, if you run a ecommerce store selling workout apparel, you need to know who your email persona is AKA your key demographic.

To understand this some more make sure to read our email marketing framework guide on how to find your target audience.

4. You have a traffic source problem

The quality of your leads is greatly impacted by your traffic source.

I have tested both search ads and social media campaigns and have found that search ads consistently produce higher quality leads.

It is more difficult to convert social media leads into buyers because people generally use social media for leisure activities rather than purchase-oriented activities.

5. Your domain reputation is bad and IP is marked as spam

Email domain reputation is the reputation of an email server as determined by its IP address.

IP reputation is the measure of how often an IP address is used to send spam or malicious email.

The best way to improve your email domain and IP reputation is to make sure that your sending practices are in line with industry best practices.

This means ensuring that your email lists are clean and up-to-date, your emails are properly formatted and not spammy, and that you are monitoring your bounce rate and complaint rate.

6. Your email list doesn’t know or remember you

Building a relationship with your list over time has a great effect on your open rates.

If your list knows you, they will open your emails.

This is why I recommend that you use your real name when setting up your “From Name” because people prefer to hear from people instead of brands.

7. Start offering higher value incentive for email opt-ins

The incentive you offer your subscribers can affect your open rate.

In my experience, as well as the experience of many others, you will get a higher open rate from video courses, webinars or request for free consultation compared to PDF subscribers.

8. You’re mixing buyer lists with other “Freebie” lists

It’s no news that subscribers who get on  your email list after making a purchase will give you a  better open rate because they are already interested in your product and they know you.

This is why it’s very important to have a separate list of your buyers  because those are the people who bought from you.

It’s way easier to sell to someone who bought from you than to acquire a new customer.

9. Subscriber lifespan

If you have a high number of new subscribers, you’re likely to have a higher open rate than if you have mostly old subscribers.

New subscribers are usually excited to receive your emails and are more likely to open them than people who have been on your list for a while.

Therefore, it’s generally beneficial to keep growing your list by adding new subscribers.

Hacks on how to improve bad email open rates

  • Segment your list

When emailing your list, be sure to segment it first.

Email those who have been opening more often, and test those who did not open. This will help ensure that your message is getting through to the right people.

  • Use attention-grabbing email subject lines

When your subject line is intriguing, it will pique your subscribers’ curiosity, prompting them to open your email. Creating a sense of curiosity around your content is a great way to increase your email open rate.

  • Use email validation software

This is a program that checks the validity of email addresses. It can be used to verify whether an email address is valid and exists.

Email validation is super important in order to ensure that the email address entered is in the correct format and is able to receive email. This helps to avoid bounced emails and ensures that the message is delivered to the intended recipient.

  • Switch up your “From email” regularly

Using the same email label for months gets stale very quickly. Change it up sometimes to keep it fresh. Try to use a first name with a brand name example, “Sarah from [company brand]”.

  • Use humor

A funny email can improve your readers’ day. This can make them look forward to getting emails from you and searching for new material that you have to offer.

Use humor to establish a relationship with your subscribers. Having emails that don’t seem too detached, impersonal, or dull are a great way to increase your open rate.

No matter what tone you choose for your emails, be sure they are packed with useful information.

  • Use statistics in subject lines

Your email rates will improve when you use statistics in your subject line, such as “Only 25% of people on earth are successful financially.”

This will make your readers wonder why they aren’t winning too and prompt them to open your email to find out.

  • Start using emojis

We believe that the use of emojis in an email is perfectly fine. In fact, we think it can be quite helpful.

Emojis can show emotion in a way that plain text cannot, and they can also help to convince subscribers that they are not receiving spam emails from robots.

Additionally, using emojis in your subject line can add some much-needed color to your message and make you come across as friendly.

Closing thoughts

No matter how you feel about your email open rates, there are always ways to make them better.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or just looking to fine-tune your strategy, these tips will help you get the most out of your email list.

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